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 Info for anyone who cares to look!

Player's Name: Alex

Contact info: AIM: blackrosefire11, Skype: spiritfoxgirl, tumblr: thatgirlwhodraws

DW: blackrosefire11

Character: Lucifer 

Canon: Supernatural (TV-Show)

Canon Point: Post Season-5 Canon 

Age: The body of his vessel appears to be in it's 40's. (Mark Pellegrino/Nick Vessel)

Gender: Male (though angels are likely sexless)


History: Lucifer was the most beautiful angel in all of existence, God's favorite.  When God decided to create human beings, Lucifer called them flawed, and refused to worship them in the way God wanted him to.  He claims to be cast out of heaven for this, and in his bitter anger, he warped a human being into the first demon, resulting in his banishment to Hell.  He is released from hell when 66 of the 600 seals placed on him are broken, resulting in his return to earth, the beginning of the apocalypse, at the hands of Sam Winchester, his true vessel.   After a failed attempt at killing him with the Colt, a magic weapon, jumps into the pit with Lucifer riding in his skin, trapping him again.


Personality: Lucifer's sin is Pride, borne out of his beauty and God's favoritism towards him.  He is incredibly charming and sympathetic towards those he's used as vessels -- Sam and Nick -- and claims he will never lie to them.  He sees himself as a victim, even as he sought his revenge.  When he killed his angelic brothers, he showed regret and concern,  and even admiration towards the lesser angel, Castiel, in his loyalty, respecting his decision when Castiel refuses to join him.  Even at the last moment, Lucifer plead with Michael to stop the apocalypse, even as they prepared to fight.  When Castiel attacks Michael, he is enraged, despite only being seconds away from attempting to attack Michael himself.   Lucifer refuses to accept any blame for his previous actions, seeing his path as the right one.   Though his hatred of human beings in general is obvious, he is simultaneously fascinated by them, making a point to question Castiel about human technology during a tense moment.  Lucifer is a very emotional angel -- seemingly more than his brothers, loving and hating with equal passion.   While he is the Devil, he seems to truly despise disloyalty, brutally murdering a lesser Pagan god when he tries to sell out his peers.  He's incredibly haughty and sees himself as better than anything that isn't an Angel, showing signs of disgust when he talks of lesser supernatural beings.   His loyalty towards his Angel brothers is twisted, but he would fight and kill for them even if he was forced to kill them himself later.  


Fears:  Lucifer would fight to keep his fears hidden, but he has several of them.  He fears his brother Michael as much as he loves him.  He fears being entirely alone, even more-so after his time spent in the cage.   He fears returning to Hell, though he would boast it is his kingdom to rule.   He also fears death -- not dying, but death coming before he feels he has redeemed himself to his brothers, mainly Michael.   His biggest fear is likely his Father, God, who he has not seen or heard from since his banishment.


Weaknesses: Lucifer has very few physical weaknesses, due to his power as an angel.  The Colt can hurt, but not kill him.  An Archangel Blade can kill Lucifer.  Michael can kill Lucifer.  He has other basic weaknesses of Angels, being confined with holy oil, and kept out by Enochian sigils, injured, but not killed by holy fire.


Mundane Strengths/Abilities: Lucifer can teleport himself to others (through flight, like other angels), overpower lower beings like (pagan) gods and lower-class angels.  He exploded a human Castiel with a snap of his fingers, in anger.  He can manipulate the weather, as his presence on earth was signaled by massive tsunami's and tornadoes.   He can freeze objects due to a low temperature seeming to come from within himself, shown by how the temperature drops when he is in an area, or how he freezes a window by breathing on it.  


Sensitivity/Magical Ability: He perceives the true forms of the Four Horsemen, and can see ghosts, demons, and other creatures the same way any other Angel can. While he does not have mastery over demons, many revere him and worship him as their own god, giving him sway over them.


Supply List: While not shown in the show, it is implied that Lucifer has an Archangel blade.


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